• Image of POHGOH 'In Memory Of Bab' (20th Anniversary Edition) ~ LP

01. Friend X
02. Tell Me Truly
03. Tired Ear
04. Superlife
05. Megaphone Mouth
06. All Along
07. Stateline
08. Chapel Of Ghouls
09. Manufactured To Comply
10. Worst Case Scenario
11. Westerberg

12. Manufactured To Comply (Live at WFMU 91.1, E. Orange, NJ - 08/08/1996)
13. Friend X (Live at WFMU 91.1, E. Orange, NJ - 08/08/1996)
14. Bernadette (Live at WFMU 91.1, E. Orange, NJ - 08/08/1996)
15. Chapel Of Ghouls (Live at WFMU 91.1, E. Orange, NJ - 08/08/1996)
16. Friend X ((Live at The Fireside Bowl, Chicago, IL - 08/22/1996)

- first time ever on vinyl!
- Limited to 200
- clear 180g vinyl
- re-imagined 1997 artwork from artist Josh "Bump" Galetta
- contains "Friend X", originally appearing on the Emo Diaries, Vol. 1, as we initially intended in 1997 but could not include for legal reasons.
- digital download code includes 5 live songs recently discovered on cassette. 4 songs from WFMU 99.1 New Jersey (1996) and "Friend X" live from The Fireside Bowl, Chicago (1996)....these are fun time capsule recordings that we wanted to include (warts and all!).

susie richardson: vocals, guitar
matt slate: guitar, backing vocals
keith ulrey: drums, percussion, backing vocals
brad richardson: bass, the head

in memory of bab was recorded in december 96 and june 97
engineered and mixed by greg marchak at audio lab studios tampa, fl
harold hasselback sang backup on chapel of ghouls

all songs by pohgoh copyright 1997
originally released on outback entertainment group orlando, fl

2017 re-imagined artwork by josh "bump" galetta
layout by eric collins
songs taken from 2004 re-master by peerless mastering newtonville, ma
bonus tracks mastered by frank calcaterra; tampa, fl


keep your eyes and ears out for a new album from pohgoh 2018!