• Image of PERMANENT MAKEUP 'Taker' ~ CD

01. Hey Taker
02. Weak in the Knees
03. Manhater
04. Distrusted
05. Moderation
06. Space Race Is Dead
07. Adult
08. Blot Out the Sun
09. Chafing
10. Not Binary
11. Information
12. Subtleties of Shouting
13. Structure


STREET DATE: Friday August 21, 2015

"We're from Florida. Everything you've heard is true."
- James, Chris and Susan

Expanding on the Minutemen-influenced critically-acclaimedart-punk of 2013's The Void...It Creeps, Florida's Permanent Makeup gives us their next full length Taker.

Springing from a collaboratively improv-based writing process throughout 2014, the songs on Taker have a morenaturally complex and aggressive approach. Bassist Christopher expands "We have seen more of the country as a band, played with countless weird & wonderful bands andbeen witness to many incredible communities. This album was informed by all of these influences in the context of living and breathing in Tampa Bay, Florida."

"We are definitely more agitated on this record." adds guitarist James.

Whether it's drive and determination, a message of community and frustration or immediacy and purpose you want, then look no further than this band and this record.

Recorded and mixed by guitarist James Bess in their homes directly following 2 major tours of the US in 2014 (and coinciding with the band's 5th anniversary of their debut performance), Taker hits streets and shelves on August 21,2015 on CD and limited edition vinyl.

"Roger Miller/Mission Of Burma-ish squalls, vocals with a D. Boon cadence at times, a few Fall touches.... It all adds up to something that's both edgy and melodic."
- Suburban Voice

"I'm not aware of many other artists who're doing anything quite like the Tampa, Florida-based trio's resuscitation of seminal Punk's most vital components."
- Punk Globe

"A band that proves age-old idiom 'If you want a thing donewell, do it yourself' true."
- Magnet

"It is really hard to pin point the sound of Permanent Makeup and that's what makes them outstanding. With punk aggression, melodies and the constant squeal of guitar, itis a bona fide train wreck of goodness. At times you can hear influences of The Minutemen, maybe even a little"Bleach-era" Nirvana and a whole lot of edginess."
- Innocent Words´╗┐