• Image of COEDS 'Thrill Me!' ~ CD

Mystifying Oracle
Night Of The Creeps
I Wanna Dance With You (All Night Long)
Close Up, Make Up
Do The Beast Stomp
Mr. Know-It-All
Too Cool For School
Surf's Up
Maggot Brain
Tiger In Your Tank
War Room
You Carry It With You

STREET: September 2, 2016

Part school dance, part basement show and wholly unforgettable, Savannah, GA garage-pop quartet COEDS have exercised and conquered the Weekend Warrior approach to touring, releasing a handful of sought after singles and cassettes along the way. September 2nd 2016 will see the band’s proper full-length debut, Thrill Me!, released via Florida's New Granada Records.

The title Thrill Me! references a catchphrase from 80's cult classic “Night of the Creeps” while paying homage to the band’s hometown of Savannah, where, in the summer, neighborhood kids hit the streets in search of homemade frozen juice pops, called ‘thrills.’

The album, led by vocal team Anna Chandler and Philip Reynolds Price's Patti & Lenny-esque trade-offs, is a high-fructose helping of vintage-inspired rock ‘n’ roll in the vein of Detroit Cobras, The King Khan & BBQ Show, and The Cramps. Whether they’re contacting past lovers via Ouija board (“Mystifyin’ Oracle”), dancing across the gym floor in their bobby socks (“I Wanna Dance With You [All Night Long]”), or calling out lecherous cat-callers (“Night of the Creeps”), COEDS keeps it raw and hooky with memorable melodies and explosive energy. 

RIYL: X-Ray Spex, Gossip, The King Khan & BBQ Show, The Cramps, TheApples In Stereo